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**** NOTE: I think due to my CSS layout, it won’t display large image files. So to see the below RHINO concepts, right click on them and click ‘View Image’. This will bring it up full size********

Whilst i give good ‘ol SolidWorks the credit for being the industry standard to it’s counterpart, i do enjoy Rhino’s freedom. It’s a lot more laid back, you don’t need to dimension anything, it doesn’t really care. You just draw a couple of things here, extrude that curve there, make that a surface etc etc till you’re like, oh, so that’s what it’s going to look like… Ungh, that sucks… tweak that, rotate that, Boolean Difference that…. i suppose this is also it’s downfall, it’s not really useful for creating anything other than thought-process mock-up’s, but that’s not really something to be faulted for. There’s no way you can free-sketch in something like Rhino, there’s too much structure. Thing’s need to be defined, measurements should be known, otherwise the whole thing is under-defined and refuses to work / co-operate.

So props to you, Rhino. You’re basically useless for anything practical, but there’s SolidWorks for the boring, mathematical stuff. Keep on being organic and blissfully ignorantly creative. I’ve never had an idea begin in SolidWorks.

Copy of Render 8

Copy of Render 6-1

Copy of Render 5-2

Copy of Render 2

– Alex.

Ah, we’re on the home stretch now. Here is my completed scale model using 4.8mm thick Masonite timber sheeting, 25mm butt (solid brass) hinges to prevent rust & araldite glue (in place of screws as the masonite was too thin in the 1:4 scale i used). As mentioned the model is in 1:4 scale. The only hiccup i had was the jigsaw catching on the timber when i was cutting out the hole for the footrest, which partially snapped and weakened the timber (it actually snapped in the end after these photos were taken, but i bodged it back together with wood glue *sigh*). You can notice it in some of the side-on photos, the front panel is slightly bent from the middle.

The due date’s almost upon us… tick, tick, tick… Best of luck everyone.





Just completed my final sketch model of my concept ICON, made out of good ‘ol trusty foamcore, wood glue and masking tape. Check that ish:




After a bit of a wait, look what arrived in the mail! Hellz yeah. Legal software = bonus round.

Just thought i’d share this momentus occasion with everyone.




– Alex.

Recently we had to come up with three different variations of our chosen concept (seen below, ‘INTIMACY’) to evaluate if there was anything that could be / needed to be added, removed, moved, hidden, changed etc, to make the concept a more well-rounded item. We were asked, should anything be changed? Were we still happy with our original idea? Should certain dimensions be altered? Would this solution be plausible / comfortable / practical / financially-sound / sturdy etc?

I came up with two seperate variations after deciding to keep the original ‘INTIMACY’ concept as it was, unchanged and as it were. The first being ‘INTENSITY’, as seen below:


I came about this concept by running with my idea of similar solutions, that being trying to utilise every practical and functioanl flat-pack aspect that makes it such a success (practicality, ease-of-storage etc) but with as minimal assembly as possible, to increase my target market share. This concept uses a triangular system of metal tubing that snaps together (without screwing or hex-keys etc) through a system of push-button ball-bearings, and a seat that attatches onto the top section of tubing and is made up of only two parts joined vertically to remove pressure from the joins whilst being perfectly inline with the floor.

The second variation i came up with i entitled ‘DOMINATION’:


Once again, i ran with previous ideas from ‘INTIMACY’ and tried to firthur refine them for ergonomic’s sake, basically. DOMINATION is basically INTIMACY, with a curved seat in a slight ‘U’ shape, and with a backrest that is moulded into a slight inward curve to support the lower back. The only other variation was elements that were included for practicality’s sake and for the production phase, such as the supporting back leg had to now have a matching ‘U’ curve to mimic the seat’s lines, but other than that it is relatively unchanged.

All in all though, i have decided to stick with INTIMACY, the faher of all my post-ideas. I believe it best answer’s the design question (and yes, i do realise it’s not entirely comfortable) i have been challenged with, and it’s simplicity is it’s one saving grace.

Was trawling the wonders that be YouTube, and stumbled across this humerous video of the various properties that SolidWorks offers, all set in a James Bond environment.

Well worth the five minutes of time-wasting.

So… on account of Enmore’s somewhat lacking computer privlidges, some bright spark decided to not copy various system files when moving the somewhat dubious Windows MovieMaker into a new location, and thus everything worked inside the program’s environment (as much as MovieMaker can ‘work’, truth be told, without crashing… “oh look, you’ve imported a file! *CRASH* What’s that? you’d like to save? Sure, but… *CRASH*. Good times. CTRL + S is your friend in terms of MovieMaker), everything except the slide transitions, like ‘fade’, ‘wipe’, ‘bars’ etc. So i bodged up a copy of my initial inspiration movie to submit (it was enough to earn me full marks, good times) minus transitions, but the perfectionist in me wouldn’t let it go that it was only 90% done, so i went back to the drawing board & inserted transitions for a better flow and changed the slide timing to co-incide with the changed the music that was something a bit more fitting to the tone.

Upped it to YouTube for your enjoyment (if you’re viewing this at Enmore, you won’t be able to see it due to their firewall & site blocking policy) so here it is. Music: “A Girl Like You” by Instituto Mexicano del Sonido, or The Mexican Institute of Sound, off the record ‘PiƱata’ (credit where credit’s due, don’t sue me for copyrite infringement!) All work copyrite 2009.


So, many thanks to Dave G. for putting up all the chosen designs for this year’s first year project, ICON, over at his blog @ ProductDigital… My concept for this semester is entitled ‘INTIMACY’ and takes visual cues from designers Shin + Tomoko Azumi and re-evaluates the flat-pack concept of having to be assembled to reap the benefits of having collapsible furniture. See the image below to see a finalised render.

All work copywrite 2009.


Cause let’s face it, who doesn’t need to get occasionally inspired by your love of Swedish minimalist furniture?

(I’ve basically lived in IKEA these past few weeks.. curse you ICON for making me search for inspirational flatpack designs…)

IKEA Quote #1

IKEA Quote #2

IKEA Quote #3